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For Yoga Teachers and Practitioners

The goal of Yoga Injury Prevention (YIP) is to help people with a variety of physical conditions maintain a full and safe yoga practice It has been created for teachers and students, but anyone who does yoga can use it.

  • By listing poses and giving specific conditions for which those poses are unsafe, contraindicating their practice, YIP offers valuable guidance for teachers of classes. One can state the contraindicated conditions while giving the pose to the class.
  • By allowing users to select any number of conditions, and search for either contraindicated or safe poses, YIP simplifies working with individuals who have multiple medical problems. If five conditions are selected, YIP will immediately tell you the safe and unsafe poses for an individual with all five of them.
  • Yoga students can easily access the safe and unsafe poses for themselves.
Teachers and students can click on contraindicated conditions and see:
  • An explanation of why that pose is considered unsafe to practice for people with that condition.
  • For each contraindication for each pose you can see work-around poses (modifications and alternative poses) that are safe for that contraindication. To find these work-arounds, click on the contraindications. The pose variations and suggested prop use make otherwise inaccessible poses available to those with a variety of conditions.
We are planning future additions to YIP so you will be able to :
  • Find beneficial poses for those specific conditions for which yoga does offer proven benefit, along with the evidence that supports their use.
  • We are building a stand-alone smart phone and tablet app useable without an Internet connection.

The Team

Loren Fishman

Loren Fishman


After graduating from Christ Church, Oxford, Loren Fishman, MD, B.Phil. (oxon) went to India, where he studied daily with BKS Iyengar for a year, until Mr. Iyengar said, “Now you can teach my yoga.” Dr. Fishman returned to the USA, went to Rush Medical School in Chicago, joined a New England Medical Center-Harvard Residency program and became Chief Resident at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Since his student days, Dr. Fishman has integrated yoga into his medical practice, working with both patients and health professionals. He himself has been practicing yoga daily since the year he spent with Mr. Iyengar, has written and edited more than 95 academic articles and chapters, and 10 books. Five of these books are about yoga and medical conditions.

  Among his writings is a peer-reviewed article about yoga injuries based on interview of 33,000 yoga teachers and therapists. Dr. Fishman has also published peer-reviewed research on piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, and prize-winning research on shoulder pain.

  He has published articles in the journals Spine, Muscle and Nerve, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation and a number of international periodicals. He is past president of the New York Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, currently Associate Editor of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, on the staff at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Treasurer of the National Zoster Foundation.

Dr. Fishman has been a keynote speaker at the International Association of Yoga Therapists’ meetings, and at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. He has been extensively interviewed in the media, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and World News Tonight.

Victor Oppenheimer

Victor Oppenheimer


In addition to his role as a principal in Yoga Injury Prevention, Victor has studied yoga extensively in India with Sri BKS Iyengar who certified him to teach Iyengar Yoga.

Victor has taught Iyengar's style of yoga throughout the USA and conducted workshops in Mexico, Peru, and numerous European locales. He was a founder of the Yoga.com website.

He has also been active in computer science as a principal in multiple software companies. He has taught computer science at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and conducted software workshops in the USA and abroad.

Taliesin Oppenheimer

Taliesin Oppenheimer


In addition to being a founder and a principal of Yoga Injury Prevention, Tali is the principal software architect, designer and implementer of our software. He complements his formal education in Computer Science with a rich professional background including being a founder of multiple successful multi-platform Internet based businesses and a highly esteemed contributor in both a renowned speech recognition company and a technical marketing company.

Tali has also studied yoga and a variety of other physical disiplines.

Carrie Owerko

Carrie Owerko


Carrie has been teaching yoga and exploring the relationship between body, breath, and mind for many years. She holds a Senior Intermediate Iyengar teaching credential (CIYT), is a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), and regularly continues her studies with the Iyengar family in India. Carrie has many online videos available for students and teachers. She produced the popular video series, Playful Practice with the Chair, and has created several online courses for the Yoga Journal, including the best-selling Iyengar 101. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, has been interviewed in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

Before studying yoga, Carrie earned a BFA in Dance and Theater, and graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York. She spent several years working for the Irondale Ensemble Project, a Movement/Educational/Experimental Theater Company.  After completing studies at the Laban Institute, Carrie became a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA). She has spent years enthusiastically exploring human movement with the intention of helping people develop clearer, more fully embodied communication and expression.

Curiosity, openness, and affection are of the utmost importance in her approach to Iyengar Yoga. She loves to explore the relationship of discipline and playfulness. She is based in New York City and teaches workshops around the world. 

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